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What The French?! now works on your Mac desktop computer!

What The French?! Works on OS Mavericks

What The French?! Works on OS Mavericks

The new Mac OS Mavericks, available as a free upgrade from Apple lets you view (and sync)  all iBooks right on your desktop. This means that if you have a Mac, but not an iPad, you can still buy What The French?! and enjoy it in all its interactive splendor even if you don’t have an iPad.

What The French?! on the iBookstore

What The French?! on the iBookstore

The iBookstore still has a little warning that iBooks made for iPad might not have the same functionality on a desktop, but I tested What The French?! on my desktop and it worked perfectly. I used the arrow keys to scroll through the pages, and the mouse to click the right answers on the review quizzes. Flawless.

Screenshot 2013-10-23 15.14.00

What The French?! on the iBookstore (don’t let the little warning about functionality worry you. It works great on a desktop!)


Now, all Mac users can buy What The French?! and help us move one step closer to total world domination. [maniacal laugh. maniacal laugh.]

So if you have an Apple desktop or an iPad (including mini), you can now get our book. Doesn’t look like it works on iPhones yet. We’ll keep you posted.

Don’t have Apple stuff? Hate smug Apple users and their zealotry? Well, as Andrew wrote in his last post, he has been slaving away converting What The French?! to epub format for kindle users. It won’t have the same degree of interactivity, sadly (i.e. you’ll have to look at an answer key for the quizzes), because we’re not computer programmers, but it will still have all of the same content.

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