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Stereotypes of the Francophone world, part 2

You may have seen maps of US states or countries of the world labelled by the first Google suggestions given when you ask “Why are (people from x country) __?” But those searches have all been done in English, to my knowledge.

So what happens when we search in French about other countries with high populations of French speakers? Last time, we looked at four francophone countries in Europe. Today, let’s take a look at North America and the Caribbean. We can’t cover every country, and many don’t have suggested Google results, but here’s a smattering of stereotypes for you.


Canadians (outside of the Québecois): Nice, maybe healthy (maybe not), and afraid of the dark. I find this adorable.

French Canadians: they do that weird swearing thing, they have an accent, and they are no longer pickup artists. What happened? Who hurt you?

US of Americans: I guess we’re all a bunch of fat, stupid, circumcised, English-speaking French-lovers. I guess we are stupid if we love a people that calls us fat and stupid.

Mexicans: Fat and longing to live in the land of the fat free.

Haitians: Oh my gosh, you can’t just ask people why they’re black.


Notes on (very unscientific) experimental set-up:

The search syntax “pourquoi est-ce que les (x) sont” didn’t really work, but “pourquoi les (x) sont” and just “pourquoi les (x)” did. Go figure.

I stole the map from here: And by stole, I mean used a work released into the public domain.

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