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Stereotypes of the Francophone world, part 1

You may have seen maps of US states or countries of the world labelled by the first Google suggestions given when you ask “Why are (people from x country) __?” But those searches have all been done in English, to my knowledge.

So what happens when we search in French about European countries with high populations of French speakers? Let’s find out:

francophone europe large

In red: France. The first and third searches, if true, might explain the second…

In yellow: Belgium. I’m almost inclined to say they can do anything they want, as long as they keep riding their motos in pyjamas.

In white: Switzerland. It seems they’re the rich, cultured kind of racists, not like those redneck Belgians.

In blue: Romania. They have the impressive distinction of not being known for their racism, although the first result, ‘dirty’, may well come from the other three countries above, and prove that yes, they are a little bit racist.

Surprised to see Romania mentioned? Although French is not an official language of the country, Romania has tons of fluent French speakers and well-established cultural ties (read about it here; scroll down a bit to get to “Francophonie”).

Note: the syntax “pourquoi est-ce que les (x) sont” didn’t really work, but “pourquoi les (x) sont” did. Go figure.



2. Google.

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