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What The Frenchie?! : Celebrity Endorsement Quest, David Bromstad Edition


Is it a Frenchie? Is it a Faux Frenchbo Bulldog? (I know it’s not a Boston Terrier—not with those bat ears—so don’t try to tell me otherwise.)

The important thiing is that this Parisian puppy is irresistibly cute…the perfect lure for the first David in “Celebrity Endorsement Quest” (aka Da(vid)Da(vid) Marketing):  HGTV star David Bromstad.


So, why David Bromstad? Why should he be the very first David of all the famous Davids in our celebrity endorsement quest? Two reasons:

1. He’s a household name in my house. That’s right. Even my kids know him by name. True story. We watched him win Season 1 one of Design Star. We like creative people who aren’t afraid to take risks (even ones who have collections of sneaks that would make Imelda Marcos blush).

2. He has an entire pinboard devoted to French Bulldogs— “Frenchies.” We have no idea if David speaks French, but clearly his dogs do, so I’m sure they would appreciate it if he helped his followers learn about the best grammar book available on the iBookstore: What The French?!

Sounds logical to me.

So, in honor of our first David and his appreciation of French canines, here are five facts about Frenchies, followed by a gift.

5 facts about Frenchies

1. In French, they are called le bouledogue français. (boule=ball; dogue=molosser or mastiff)

2. Frenchies were actually an import from England, miniature bulldogs brought to the Normandy region of France in the nineteenth century by lacemakers who were displaced by industrialization.

3. The dogs were great at killing rats. Take that, cats!

4. They became so popular in France (among highbrow artist and fashionable women as well as the lowbrow laborer and prostitutes), that there were soon few left in England, and people began to think of them as French.

5. At the end of the nineteenth century, the ladies of the French Bull Dog Club of America were the first to decide that the “erect bat ear” was de rigueur in the ideal Frenchie.

BONUS: Martha Stewart was head-butted by her bulldog, Francesa, in 2011. This would never happen to David Bromstad.

And now a gift:

See that adorable Parisian Frenchie at the top of this post? You can download it for free (follow link, scroll down, click download icon below photo) in a size suited for a 10×10 inch print (or smaller) from

And if you are David Bromstad…

you could be really nice and pin this What The French?! pin, or like our Facebook page (which is as new as a tiny pup).

Or you can simply pin (or tweet or whatever, we’re not picky) the adorable Frenchie in this post.

Or if you are a Bromstadian or a loyal What The French?! follower…

you could warmly encourage David to endorse the amazingness that is What The French?! on his facebook page, or any of his bajillion other social media outlets.

And remember, every time a famous David doesn’t endorse What The French?!, a French bulldog puppy loses a little bit of its faith in humanity.

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