Having grown tired of Frequently Giving Answers, it seemed like a good idea to definitively address the Frequently Asked Questions on this page. If there’s a question we didn’t catch here, please use the “contact us” form to ask it. It may even wind up on this FAQ.

  • Where can I get What The French?! ?

Our book is now available on the iBook store in a digital, interactive format, readable on iPads and on all Apple computers running the free OSX Mavericks update. And yes, it is fully functional on a desktop running Mavericks, but navigating iBooks on a desktop might take some getting used to (using arrow keys to turn pages, for example, might feel strange if you’re used to swiping).

  • Isn’t that kind of limiting? / But I hate Apple! / What would it take to get it on a Windows/Linux/Android device?

We aren’t Mac fanboys. Really. At least some of your grievances are valid. The iBook textbook options gave us the ability to put interactive quizzes into each chapter, which is a tremendously useful thing.

That being said, we have gotten a lot of interest in putting the book into other formats, since not everyone has an iPad (one of the authors included), and we absolutely want to do that. It takes some time to adapt the book to other formats while trying to preserve the functionality, so keep coming back to WhatTheFrench.com and we’ll make sure to tell you when the other formats are on their way.

  • Will What The French?! save my grade?

We recommend using What The French?! before your grade goes into a nosedive and there are only two weeks left in the semester. We don’t give you your grade, but if you have the motivation, this book lays out the concepts simply and always gives it to you straight.

  • Can I use What The French?! if I’m not in a French class?

Absolutely. This book has everything you need to learn French grammar from the ground up or to refresh your memory after taking a break from studying French, whether that’s one semester or forty years. The quizzes at the end of each chapter will even let you gauge your own progress and focus on what you need to study the most.

  • I teach French and I’d like to implement What The French?! in my curriculum. (No, it’s not a question, but that’s OK.)

Contact us. We’d love to discuss your specific situation and needs.

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