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A few weeks ago I posted my fake interview with sktgamerdudejr13, making him our first “Youtube Hero.” Now, I’ve got a follow-up with the real dude. Here’s a refresher, in case you haven’t seen the video yet:

The interview:

Marc: We think you’re être verb song kicks all the other verb songs butts—especially the lame Ke$ha one. What led to the creation of the video?

Jr: Well, quite a funny story…I guess not really. Basically a friend on the internet was beginning her French classes and, being the nice person I am (was a 2nd year French student at the time) decided to make the être verb video to help teach her. And because I was bored. Mostly bored.

Marc: Your video has had more than 316,000 hits. Why do you think it has been so successful?

Jr: I honestly have no idea why it’s so successful. I’ve been wondering that myself everyday. I think it’s because of the Spongebob. Yeah, definitely has to be because of Spongebob.

Marc: What do you say to the haters who leave comments like “That was bad and you should feel bad for posting it” or “Your accent makes me want to hug chainsaws”?

Jr:  I just think they’re jealous. Success brings haters. I’m successful and they want that.

Marc: Would you ever consider doing a follow-up video with another verb, like maybe “avoir”? Justin Bieber has an “avoir” video that makes me want to jab chopsticks in my eardrums (and has half as many hits as your video, btw). In a Youtube French video match, I think you could take him.

Jr: If I did a follow-up, it’d have to be of either faire, venir, or aller. They are the only other songs that we learned in my French class. We never learned one for avoir unfortunately. And Justin Bieber is dabbling into the French song scene? Man….that’s just disappointing.

Marc: What did you like/dislike about the way French was taught in your school? What was your textbook like?

Jr: I liked about how our teachers had been to France multiple times and really took it seriously. They also taught us about French culture and about Paris as well, which I really enjoyed. Once I got to college, my first French teacher was actually from France and somehow ended up in Pullman (Go Cougs!). I really thought that was cool because it made me feel like I learned more about French culture and how the French actually spoke. She also really engrained the pronunciations which I liked as well. The only thing I disliked about French is that my teachers seemed to make it seem like French was the only subject and the most important thing ever. It was kind of annoying. And I don’t really remember my high school textbooks…that was waaaaay too long ago. Most of my textbooks now are pretty decent. I learned about about the French from the books which was pretty cool.

Marc: If you could throw one thing off the Eiffel Tower, what would it be?

Jr: If I could throw one thing off the Eiffel Tower, it would be…man this is tough. I don’t know what I’d throw. My roommate suggested a paper airplane. That’d be pretty tight. Though my roommate does seem like a good choice….yeah I’ll just stick with the paper airplane. What about a paper airplane big enough for my roommate? That’d be pretty sweet.

Marc: We’re trying to get famous people named “David” to endorse What The French?! So far, we’ve only done HGTV star David Bromstad, and he liked our post on Facebook. Who you think should be the next “David” on our list?

Jr: I’ve heard that soccer guy David Beckham is pretty famous. He kicks the ball real good from what I’ve heard. The Hoff could be another guy you should go after.

We’ll take that under advisement, sktgamerdudejr13.

Hopefully, one day we’ll get to see another verb song, but until then, you can go to Youtube and give some nice comments to the REAL sktgamerdudejr13—our first ever Youtube Hero.

Youtube auteur sktgamerdudejr13: genius, recluse, pedagogue

It is our intent, here at, to periodically acknowledge the Youtube heroes out there making French-related content. Sktgamerdudjr13 has the best “être” verb song on the internet. Far better than the dozens of  Ke$ha rip-offs. Sadly, he never responded to our request for an interview, which leaves my imagination free to make the whole thing up.

Marc: Jr—May I call you Jr.?

Jr: No

Marc: So, Jr. Why être ?

Jr: It’s quite simple, really. The two most important verbs in the French language are arguably “to be” (être) and “to have” (avoir). Avoir or Être?  Whichever you choose as the most important says a lot about your values. Are you a “have” or a “be”? I, for one, am a “be.” Are you a “have” or a “be”? I, for one, am a “be.” Conjugating the verb is an invitation to being. Je suis, tu es, il est, elle est…I am, you are, he is, she is…without consciousness of being, we have no authenticity.

Marc: Mind. blown.

Jr: I have that effect on people.

Marc: Who are your biggest influences?

Jr: Well, Godard, of course.

Marc: Of course.

Jr: But also German expressionistic cinema by way of Guy Maddin’s early work.

Marc: Really? How surprising. I would have guessed cinéma vérité inflected through Vertov’s notion of “Kino-Pravda,” or “film-truth” had influenced your choice to capture the banal act of watching television on a handheld videocamera.

Jr: Was that a question?

Marc: Um, no.

Jr: Were you just regurgitating things you found on Wikipedia to sound smart?

Marc: Maybe. Moving on…Your critics have called you “incompetent,”laaaaameeee,” and “stupid,” is there anything you’d like to say to them?

Jr: I believe it was Lars Von Trier who once said, “I think it’s a very strange question that I have to defend myself. I don’t feel that. You are all my guests, it’s not the other way around, that’s how I feel.” Critics are jealous. It’s as simple as that.

Marc: I realize that you have probably heard this question a million times on the indie film festival circuit, but what kind of budget did the film have?

Jr: $1.2 million.

Marc: Was that mostly spent on post-production? marketing?

Jr: Mood enhancers, mostly. And catering.

Marc: Well, thanks for not actually responding to my request.It’s been a pleasure to have this imaginary interview.

Jr: Likewise. Anytime.

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