“Ask a teacher” interview: Michael Christensen

Every so often, we get to interview a French teacher. We ask questions about likes and dislikes, stories, mistakes and much more. This week, Michael Christensen (MC) took a minute to answer our (WTF) questions.

WTF: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

MC: I teach at Brigham Young University, Intermediate French (third semester). Besides teaching, I enjoy eating, music, and sarcasm. Also, food…although that probably goes along with eating.

WTF: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

MC: I became a teacher for the pay (ironic, I know) but also because I enjoy helping others learn new things and seeing the proverbial lightbulb click on.

WTF: How could students make your life easier?

MC: If students could trust me more, it would make my life easier; I’m not out to make them fail and I do know my subject. I’m not perfect and make mistakes, but trust (especially from older students) is so important in the educational process.

WTF: What’s one way students could make their own lives easier?

MC: Students can make their lives easier by relaxing, caring less about a grade and more about listening and learning.

WTF: What’s your favorite French mistake?

MC: Best French mistake…just the distinction between monter and montrer…It’s always good for a laugh.

WTF: What’s your favorite thing to teach, and why?

MC: My favorite thing to teach is phonetics and pronunciation; it’s amazing how much it helps students not only with their speaking, but also with their listening comprehension skills.

WTF: Which Francophone country or region has your favorite accent?

MC: My favorite accent has to be the standard Québécois accent: understandable, yet wonderfully not-French.

WTF: Thanks for your time, Michael! Keep up the good work.

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